You are extraordinary.jpeg
You are extraordinary!
you have wings.jpg
You Have Wings
our mission is you.JPG
A Commission for Mission Heath- "Our Mission is You" -SOLD
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You are beautiful!
good vibes.jpg
 “F’ it let’s dance!” 48 x 36 mixed media on wood panel  This painting depicts the binary code message “F’ it Let’s Dance” These paintings are created with a patented layering and removal technique.  I omit pricing to protect the privacy of my collectors. Feel free to reach out to me for prices. If this painting is sold, or maybe to the right size and you want it in your world, allow me to paint something inspired by it just for you. reach out via the contact information in the “About section”
Good Vibes
F' it beach.jpeg
Poet- SOLD
f' it dark.jpg
F' it; Let's Dance brights and black background.jpg
You Got This- SOLD
Love is good- SOLD
F-ck it; Let's Dance- SOLD
True- SOLD
I Love you  SOLD
I Love you  heart blue sofa.jpeg
Soul - SOLD
I love you- SOLD
I Love You- SOLD
Good Vibes - SOLD
Frineds and Family- SOLD
F' it Let's Dance- SOLD
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