Leslie Rowland -Artist, Designer, Gallery Owner, Curator, Creative

I have been creating since I was a small child.  My mother used to become furious when I chose my own palettes for paint by number projects turning them into works of impressionism.  My father would come home to find that I had adorned the entire driveway and sidewalk with colored chalk, when they took away my chalk I fell back on much more permanent bark.  The world was my canvas. Becoming an artist was not a conscious decision but more of a compulsory happening; art is a big part of who I am; it’s what I think about while awake and what I dream about at night. 

Much of my works focus on ecological and technological concepts. Many of my paintings condense relatively complex scientific scenario into a single image.  These works include butterflies, bees, hummingbirds and other pollinators puzzled together with imagery of flowers from which they derive nectar and that they pollinate.  Another ecological concept I’ve been exploring is presented in "the gifts they bring" series which depicts animals and what they do to benefit the greater ecosystems and humans.  

I also focus on technology. Our lives rely so much on technology and communicating with each other through the internet all across the world I decided to explore this subject with positive messages that people need to hear. I have a series of paintings with binary code messages such as "you are beautiful" and "f' it; let's dance."  Another technological series concentrates on music soundwaves.  I have painted everything from The Beatles, David Bowie, to monks chanting "OM."

Art, for me is a powerful form of communication, sometimes visceral and sometimes direct.  The purpose of which is to make the viewer feel joyful and loved and to heal and enlighten the viewer. 

I’ve had many solo shows and group exhibitions throughout my carrer and have owned galleries in Las Vegas, NV and now Asheville, NC. I moved to the vibrant arts community of Asheville 6 yers ago. In adition to an art filled life, I have a graduate degree in environmental science. I have a crew racing team with my husband and have been fortunte enough to be both world and national masters champion in various sweep boats. I also love to spend time with my five rescued cats and tolerant husband.