Jazz In The City - Squared and Sharpened adjusted.jpg
"Pop, When the Base Drops Out" -SOLD
Gimme Shelter
Jazz and Traffic- SOLD
 “Help”  48 x 36 mixed media on wood panel  Soundwaves from The Beetles Help. This captures the verses “Help; I really need somebody. Help; I really need someone. Help.”     These paintings are created with a layering and removal technique. The imagery is first sketched then panted on the board and then the imagery is obscured beneath as many as twenty solid layers of color. When the layers are completely dry, Leslie begins the removal process. She sands and wet washes through the layers to reveal the final work of art. This process takes about 30 - 45 days for most paintings.  I omit pricing to protect the privacy of my collectors. Feel free to reach out to me for prices. If this painting is sold, or maybe to the right size and you want it in your world, allow me to paint something inspired by it just for you. reach out via the contact information in the “About section”
Wind Vision - SOLD
The Coor of Sound I - SOLD
The Color of Sound II"  -SOLD
Take Three- SOLD
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