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The Gifts They Bring
And Suddenly, Spring!
Beeauatiful Connectedness
Soaring to Solitude
Life is Beautiful
This is Day
This is Night
Sentient- SOLD
Summer's Laughter -SOLD
Floraldelic I- SOLD
Floraldelic II - SOLD
Sentient in blue - SOLD
Everything’s Coming Up Roses
A Prayer for the Wild Things
Lavender Dreams
Stand and Reflect- SOLD
Charcoal and Bleached Bone I
Charcoal and leached Bone II
Passion Creeps like a Wild Vine- SOLD
Flying Home- SOLD
The Place Where You Belong- SOLD
Good Night Sweet Summer- SOLD
Just a Feather I - SOLD
No Such thing as a Weed I- SOLD
No Such thing as a Weed II- SOLD
Monarch- SOLD
Adrift- SOLD
Flowerskull- SOLD
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